Scaleway Serverless Gateway

The Scaleway Serverless Gateway is a self-hosted API gateway that runs on Scaleway Serverless Containers and Scaleway Managed Database.

It lets you manage routing from a single base URL, as well as handle transversal concerns such as CORS and authentication.

It is built on Kong Gateway, giving you access to the Kong plugin ecosystem to customize your own deployments.



pip install scw-gateway

This will install scwgw, and you can see the list of available commands with:

scwgw --help

From here you can set up your gateway with:

scwgw infra deploy

Once the setup process has finished, you can then manage routes as follows:

# Check no routes are configured initially
scwgw route ls

# Check the response directly from a given URL

# Add a route to this URL in your gateway
scwgw route add /time $TARGET_URL

# List routes to see that it's been configured
scwgw route ls

# Curl the URL via the gateway
GATEWAY_ENDPOINT=$(scwgw infra endpoint)
curl https://${GATEWAY_ENDPOINT}/time